A hat or scarf made from one fiber can change your emotional feelings when the color and textile changes. At LF Knitwear, all of our hand knit items are custom-made Our baby clothes are machine-loomed and hand-knitted for infants to size 36-mos. Our textiles are from all countries.

Welcome to LF Knitwear LTD

Founded in 1984, and owned by Laura Evans. From its inception, LF Knitwear found its niche market in the professional sports industry. LF Knitwear manufactures knitted sweaters resembling professional sport teams, this includes sweaters for men, women and children in all sizes. Laura Evans acknowledged early on that selling uniforms to the government would require financing to fulfill large orders. Expansion in the government procurement market would be necessary to sustain a growing business.

Baby Clothes

These are machine-loomed and hand-knitted infant to size 36-mos. Textiles from all countries some inquire need.

Wearable Art

These garments were made for fashion shows ONE-OF-A-KIND-KNITWEAR textiles luxurious yarns from different countries Better Knitwear.

Fashion Show Knitwear

All clothing from shows were sold to Fund raisers donors after the show.


All blankets have to be bought as is according to size and colors some are vintage and priced according to price of textiles at that time all new blankets are $25.00 an hour to make plus the price of textiles measurements will be given before is taken.